31 August – 2 September (2018) Weekend Box Office

                                         Weekend Gross           Total to Date

1   Crazy Rich Asians                                   $22,100,000                $110,826,388

2   The Meg                                                    $10,540,000                $120,526,416

3   Mission: Impossible – Fallout               $7,035,000                  $204,381,529

4   Searching                                                 $6,070,000                   $6,569,480

5   Operation Finale                                    $6,019,000                   $7,746,095

6   Disney’s Christopher Robin                 $5,178,000                   $85,586,868

7   Alpha                                                        $4,530,000                   $27,452,220

8   The Happytime Murders                      $4,410,000                   $17,025,694

9   BlacKkKlansman                                   $4,175,000                   $38,368,825

10  Mile 22                                                    $3,580,000                   $31,776,334


Crazy Rich Asians and The Meg are both from Warner Brothers, so they are enjoying a nice ride right now. The Meg had a $130 Million budget so they haven’t made their money back yet, but Crazy Rich Asians is more than making up for it with their $30 Million budget. MI: Fallout is still performing strong, it just boasted a $77 Million opening in China. Mile 22 ($50 Million budget) continues to struggle and puts STX Studios in a bind with two back to back bombs. They are also responsible for Happy Time Murders, which had a budget of $40 Million and hasn’t cracked half that. BlaKkKlansman and Crazy Rich Asians were the surprise hits of the summer. Both movies featured diverse casts with non-typical stories. Hollywood normally leans on A-List actors for success, but these movies are proving the opposite.

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