The Death of Superman – Way Better Than Doomsday

The Death of Superman

Remember the movie Doomsday? It told of the death of Superman. And it was not great. This movie is not Doomsday.

Just because I know you want to know. Yes, this movie is good. DC seems to understand how to make an animated film. Some of their live action movies are not great, but they are on it with their animated stuff.

This movie retells the 1993 story of the Death of Superman, but it updates the outfits for the current animated continuity. It’s a great story overall and I found myself a little misty eyed at the end, just like with the comic all those years ago.

Superman works in a lot of mediums as that awesome supporting character. One of the mainstays, in my opinion, that people understand about him is that he IS the cavalry. When you’re fighting something and you just can’t get the job done yourself, you call in the big guy. And that is exactly what is needed and exactly what happens. Superman a lot of muscle and even more heart. I feel like this movie captured that superbly.

Pick it up from Redbox, it is definitely worth the $2 rental fee.

And be on the lookout for Reign of the Supermen!

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