Redeeming Mute (2018)

Have you ever watched a movie and thought to yourself “this was good, but it wasn’t great”? Well that’s how Mute felt. Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgard were great, but Justin Theroux was on another level. I like him and have always felt he was a good actor, but he blew me away in this role. His performance was definitely not Mute…I’ll see myself out.

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Special 90th Annual Academy Awards Episode

Special 90th Annual Academy Awards Episode. I’ll cover all 9 nominations and why I felt like there was one left out. Who do you think will win Best Picture? Let me know on Twitter @RedeemBadMovies or you can e-mail me I look forward to hearing from you.

The music used in today’s podcast is Nite Owl by Broke for Free. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Redeeming Rollerball (2002)

Redeeming Rollerball (2002)

This movie was directed by John McTiernan, but you wouldn’t know it by watching it. His directing credits include classics, such as Predator, Die Hard, and The Hunt for Red October. But why this movie is bad is not the most interesting part of this story. The most interesting part of this story is why hasn’t he directed a movie since 2003? We’ll get into that in Redeeming Rollerball!

As promised, the link to the Ghost Recon Red Dot trailer!

Redeeming Street Fighter (1994)

Redeeming Street Fighter (1994)

This movie proves that video games can make money in Hollywood! Jean-Claude Van Damme in his heyday along with the fantastic Raul Julia in his final performance. Why did critics go after this movie and why didn’t fans verbally defend it. Ultimately fans did defend it by actually going to see it. It was profitable and caused Hollywood to start churning out movies based on other video games. They gave up and now Uwe Boll does it and it is not quite as good.

Justice League – Hope Springs Eternal

Justice League (2017)

I had a lot of excitement building to see this movie and the day finally came. The reviews came out and they were brutal. But I haven’t listened to a critic’s opinion on a film since 1993. I feel like Siskel and Ebert were wrong about Cliffhanger. I loved that movie. That’s when I knew. Critics watched a movie for different reasons than I did. So when I saw that the reviews were not good for Justice League. I didn’t worry about it. And man am I happy I have that outlook.

This movie was fantastic! The beginning felt a little rushed and felt like it was going to be. That is a lot of story and a lot of heroes to cram into two hours runtime. But once the story gets going, it really moves. I saw a news report today that Matt Reeves (Director of the new Batman movie that is in pre-production) didn’t want Ben Affleck for the lead role. After having seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and now Justice League I feel like there is no one better suited. Ben Affleck is wonderful in this role. Henry Cavill knocks the role of Superman out of the park…again. And don’t get me started on the awesomeness that is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Ezra Miller as Flash were great and newcomer Ray Fisher (Cyborg) was a welcome addition.

I won’t spoil anything for this movie, but I will say this. This movie made me feel something that I feel is in short supply these days. Hope. I actually got goosebumps while watching. I hope you feel the same when you see it.

The House – I would not bet on it

The House.

When I first heard about it, I thought it would be a very funny movie. I mean, Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, and Jason Mantzoukas. These are comedy giants, but they just couldn’t bring it. Not that they didn’t try. They did, they tried really hard. And that was part of the problem. They tried too hard. A lot of the jokes were what you would have expected, it was pretty formulaic. The big surprise in this movie was when Jeremy Renner showed up, but that couldn’t even save it. I’ve seen him be really funny and I feel like he was wasted in this movie. I rented the movie from Redbox, so it is definitely worth a watch if you can get it from there. Or maybe if it was reduced price on iTunes or Amazon. But I am happy I didn’t go to the theater for this one. Final verdict: Redbox Rent.

Redeeming Junior (1994)

Junior (1994) IMDB Rating: 4.6

Why did Junior get such a bad rap? Did people not have confidence that Arnold could carry a comedy? Did it have too much competition at the box office? Did viewers not notice Christopher Meloni? Let’s Redeem Junior! If you have a movie that you want to see #Redeemed, let me know on Twitter @RedeemBadMovies or Facebook or contact me at You can see the latest video upload on YouTube by clicking here.

Redeeming Gigli (2003)

Gigli (2003) IMDB Rating: 2.4

Today we take a look at Gigli (2003) and try and find out why it is rated so low. “Bennifer”, as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were known, was in full swing and the public was a little tired of hearing about them. This most likely contributed to the box office bomb, but it was only compounded by executives getting involved and forcing director Martin Brest to change it to a romantic comedy to try and capitalize on the romance of the two stars. Subscribe to the podcast by clicking here. Follow me on twitter @RedeemBadMovies. Music in the podcast is from the opening title of Gigli and it is by John Powell.

Redeeming Fantastic Four (2015)

Fantastic Four (2015) IMDB Rating: 4.3

Redeeming Fantastic Four. Join me, Ronnie Obenhaus, as I seek to redeem bad movies and raise them from obscurity to mediocrity! Subscribe by clicking here or follow me on Twitter @RedeemBadMovies. Music featured in the podcast is from the opening titles and it is by Marco Beltrami and Philip Glass.