Steven Seagal in Sniper: Special Ops…well, sort of

When I heard about this movie through the Twitter grapevine, thank you @ThisistheDom, I knew I needed to see this movie. It encompasses everything I normally like in movies like these. Bad acting? Check. Rough story that is not worth following? Check. A diamond in the rough actor who is actually better than this movie gives him credit for? Check.

Sniper: Special Ops stars Steven Seagal and Rob Van Dam. I use that word loosely though, because Seagal is barely in it and is part of a off-shoot of the story that didn’t even need to be there, much less having him on the cover of the movie poster. Rob Van Dam performed how I expected him to, so I wasn’t disappointed. But I really wanted to see a frog splash.

The diamond in the rough here is Tim Abell. This guy was incredible. He’s been in a lot of these types of movies, but one big break could see him starring in small roles in big movies. I always enjoy when I find something like that in a movie like this. It’s awesome, and I feel like it makes it worth it.

The movie has way too many storylines going on. Some of them don’t need to be there, but with the movie clocking in at 84 minutes, if they didn’t have them you might not even make an hour. Is the movie worth watching? Probably not, but I did enjoy some of the scenes and Abell is definitely worth watching. My favorite line of the movie? When they come looking for Rich, played by Daniel Booko, and Seagal says that “he’s up there”, but pronounces it “he’s up dere” like he’s cajun or something. It was fantastic!

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