Searching – How well do we really know anyone?



What an exceptional performance by John Cho! Oh my, director Aneesh Chaganty captures the internet and related sensibilities so well. Lastly, why has no film before been able to capture the relevance and relatability of the internet and how it can be both meaningful and so utterly useless at the same time?

This film is a must see for any parent with a teenager, as long as you don’t mind leaving the theatre with your anxiety increased pondering “do I know my son/daughter?” Those without children will surely still connect with the familiar missing person story where father David Kim (John Cho) works closely with FBI Detective Vick (Debra Messing) to find his missing daughter Margot (Michelle La). A thriller with more twists and turns than I anticipated, the film easily captivates viewers while still remaining casually relatable. Characters in the movie serve to illustrate common themes within both tragedies and internet, from the obsessed parent to the acquaintance turned attention grabbing best friend.

The performances in the film not only anchor the plot, they strengthen the film’s credibility. Even if Margot happens to have previously seen her onscreen Dad in a silly little venture like Harold and Kumar…, she’ll still take him seriously due to this grounded and emotional performance.

The director does an excellent job in playing out the film through an internet screen. Instead of coming across as dull, he uses the medium to communicate present day relatable environments and causes audiences to question our involvement in this medium. If you text, mail, watch or post videos or login to any social media platform, you need to watch this movie.

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