Samson (2018)

Samson (2018)

Was this movie worth seeing at the Theater? That is what I hope to tackle in this episode of Redeeming Bad Movies. I wanted to kind of switch up how I was doing these episodes, and one of the ways I want to try is to put out more episodes that aren’t as long and really tackle the burning question…Is this movie worth paying money to see?

Now, having asked that question, is Samson worth seeing at the Theater? The short answer is…wait for it…no. Womp womp. It is not a bad movie, but there are better movies to go watch ***cough*** Black Panther ***cough***.  Is this movie suited for a Redbox rent? Most definitely! Taylor James (poor man’s Taylor Lautner) is the title character and he’s not half bad. He’s certainly not great, but he’s not horrible either. I’m imagining in my head that you’ve only paid a little over a dollar to see this so for that amount of money this movie has value. Bottom line, watch it when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

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