Redeeming Baby’s Day Out

with your host Ronnie Obenhaus and Special Guest Rob LastNameLess

Was Baby’s Day Out a good movie? That’s subjective, but I say no. Rob will disagree with you. Join us as we talk about all things Baby’s Day Out and a lot about John Hughes (he wrote this dumpster fire). We laughed, we cried, it moved us, Bob. And for the inside joke we used in this episode, please refer to the Redeeming Supergirl episode, not the current show on the CW!

This movie is classic 90s. So much so that it had Joe Mantegna and Joe Pantoliano (Joey Pants!). It featured a very under utilized Lara Flynn Boyle and Cynthia Nixon, but Fred Thompson shined with his limited screen time.

I’d like to thank Broke for Free for the use of the music, specifically the song Nite Owl. Fantastic as always!

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