Isn’t It Romantic? Well, It Is Pretty Funny

This movie, Isn’t It Romantic, was unexpectedly funny! Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine were as charming as you think they’d be. Was the movie predictable? Yes. But that’s okay. It broke the formula a bit and I liked it!

Liam Hemsworth got to showcase some comedy chops. While not as good as his brother, Chris, he’s getting better. Priyanka Chopra rounded out a cast that worked really well together.

According to rotten tomatoes, audiences did not care for this movie, with a score of 48%. But I liked it and recommend a watch. I don’t know how much it cost to make, but it made over $48 million. It shouldn’t have cost that much to make, I would say maybe around $30 million if I had to guess. So hopefully it made its money back and more movies like it (not perfect, but entertaining) get made.

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