How is Captain Marvel the most powerful hero in the Galaxy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Okay, so we know that Kevin Feige said that Captain Marvel was going to be the strongest hero in the MCU. I think I have figured out how they are going to be able to do this, at least in the MCU. This is not counting any of the comics, I’m just talking the movies here. And of course, this post is going to contain spoilers to Captain Marvel. So if you haven’t seen it yet, please be warned.

In the movie, the engine that Carol shot is powered by the Tesseract (which we know as the space stone) and that gave her powers. When she shoots it, it is noted that it wasn’t the core, it was powered by the core which we assume is the Tesseract. So, it stands to reason that she is powered by it as well. So I think the engine was quantum linked to the Tesseract and now so is she.

Stay with me here. I think that the Infinity Gauntlet that Thanos is wearing somehow quantum links all of the stones to each other. So I think that when he inserts the space stone (Tesseract) into the glove, she (Captain Marvel) now is quantum linked to the other stones as well. I don’t think she knows this yet, but hopefully we’ll find out in Avengers: Endgame.

We also saw in the mid-credit scene that she just shows up after the pager dies. I think she has learned over the last 20 years how to use her powers and she teleported there. It stands to reason that she has some kind of grasp on her powers. But it is also worth pointing out that it looks as though she hasn’t aged since the events of Captain Marvel, which took place in roughly 1995 (based on Stan Lee reading a script to Mallrats!). Thanks to Einstein’s theory of relativity, we know that time and space are linked. Since she is powered by the space stone, does she have a little control over time? Probably not because time is controlled by the Time Stone (Eye of Agamotto). She probably just aged really well.

Tell me what you think about the theory. Do you agree? Do you not agree? What’s your theory?

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