Guardians of the Galaxy – Things I Learned from Director’s Commentary

Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 IMDB Rating: 8.1

You know what movie I find amazing? Guardians of the Galaxy. When this movie was first announced that it was coming out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I was really hoping that it was going to open up the appearance of Quasar into the movies. I’m a huge fan of Quasar, but that’s not the point. I was really excited, but also a little apprehensive. I worried that it would fall flat since these characters were not really known. I think a lot of people shared this same view. But James Gunn delivered an amazing movie. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 just came out on DVD and Blu Ray yesterday (August 22) and in honor of that coming out, I went back and watched the first one with director’s commentary. I present to you:


James Gunn’s brother plays Yondu’s right hand man, but he also plays the part of Rocket Raccoon pre-CGI so that the other actors have someone to play off of when they are doing their lines. How crazy is that? His brother, Sean Gunn, had to play two roles throughout the film and only get credited for one!

The giant prison that in space that they were taken to, the Kiln, was a real set built to film in. It was huge. James Gunn said that it was tons of steel that was built in a circle and they only way they could afford was after they were finished filming, they melted it down and sold it back to recoup some of the money!

A lot of the antics on set by Peter Quill are just mistakes that Chris Pratt made while filming. One of the biggest examples is when the Guardians are visiting the Collector in Knowhere, Peter pulls the orb from his pocket and drops it. He quickly recovers and presents it to the Collector. That was not in the script. Chris Pratt actually dropped the prop when he pulled it from his coat, but was able to recover and keep a straight face so it made it into the film.

When casting Drax in the film, they needed someone imposing because Chris Pratt is actually a decent sized guy, coming in at 6’2”. When David Bautista auditioned, James Gunn didn’t know that he was famous for being a wrestler. But he did love the emotion he could convey through his face and the fact that he is 6’6” and almost 300lbs certainly helped.

So that was JUST A FEW THINGS I LEARNED FROM WATCHING COMMENTARY and I highly suggest you go and watch too! Commentary of a film can sometimes create a whole other film. One day I’ll get into one of my favorite commentaries (Tropic Thunder). That movie, I feel, is even better when listening to the actors. What movies are your favorite movies with commentary? Drop me a line on Twitter @RedeemBadMovies or Until next time, keep on Redeeming.

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