Deadpool 2 or How I Learned to Stop Thinking and Just Accept Luck as a Superpower

Deadpool 2 was a delight. Will it dethrone Avengers Infinity War? No. Will it entertain you for its two hour run-time? Most definitely. Ryan Reynolds is back as the Merc-with-a-Mouth and he is superb. He brings along Josh Brolin, who is wonderful as Cable, and is shorter than I thought. Deadpool noticed that too. He also has Zazie Beetz, aka Domino. Her superpower is Luck. But don’t tell that to DP.

I felt like this movie wasn’t as strong as the first one, but it was still good. The first kind of came out of nowhere and really raised our expectations, but the second one does a good job of following up, but not a great job. The easy thing about this franchise is if you run into problems you can just break the fourth wall and all is forgiven. Having said that, I really enjoyed it. I won’t go into any spoilers, but I think you’ll enjoy the movie. At least I hope you will. You have the right to enjoy something you’re spending money on.

If you have seen it, what did you think?

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