A Star Is Born – A Song Is Stuck In Your Head

A Star Is Born Movie Review

First, let me just say…WOW. This movie was amazing. Bradley Cooper and Lady GaGa were out of this world fantastic. Sam Elliott was simply stunning. Dave Chappelle was great in the small part he played and I was surprised to see Andrew Dice Clay, but he was good too! Cooper plays Jackson Maine and GaGa plays Ally. They were meant for each other and nothing will stop them from meeting. Let me tell you, this movie never let up. It hooked you in the beginning with the characters and never let you go. There were parts I laughed at and there were parts where I cried.

A lot of people will talk about the music. It’s amazing, but where the Kristofferson/Streisand movie focused on the music this version let is stay part of the plot. The story is crafted really well and I could definitely see Cooper winning multiple awards here. He wrote the screenplay, gave a hell of a performance, sang the music, and directed the movie! He’s due at least one Academy Award, but definitely multiple nominations.

Lady GaGa hit it out of the park, which we all kind of knew she would. Her voice is a force of nature, and no one is going to keep her down. Her performance in this movie is on par with Cooper’s, and that’s saying a lot. She charms you from the beginning with her spunky attitude and we fall in love at the same time Jackson Maine does.

Should you see this movie? Definitely! Should you see it in the theater? You betcha. I had high hopes for this movie and it satisfied all of them. If you remember the original, I really felt like it was rushed into them meeting and falling in love. The pacing was pretty bad and parts that should have been drawn out were too quick and parts that could have been glossed over were stretched for some reason. This movie does not suffer that same fate.

Definitely see it. I don’t think you’ll regret it. The story itself is not original, and it is pretty predictable. But the movie has a part where Sam Elliott explains that music is the same twelve notes repeating. Every song is the same. It’s what the artist chooses to say in between those notes that make it unique. This movie definitely says what it wanted during those twelve notes.

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