Real Genius – Geniusly Good!

Real Genius

Teenage geniuses deal with their abilities while developing a high-powered laser for a university project. When their professor intends to turn their work into a military weapon, they decide to ruin his plans.

This movie is only dated by the music being used and the fact that Val Kilmer is not that actor that can portray that spry individual anymore. But man is it still fun!

Val Kilmer plays Chris Knight, a prodigy who doesn’t take life seriously anymore. Gabriel Jarret plays Mitch Taylor, one of the youngest individuals to be accepted at this prestigious universities. Chris teaches Mitch how to let loose and not take life so seriously. Mitch teaches Chris that responsibility doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Together they learn that doing the right thing is more important that doing what they are told.

Val Kilmer is amazing in this movie. Gabriel Jarret was chosen very well for the part they were trying to portray. It’s too bad they misspelled his name in the credits. Jon Gries is awesome in anything he does! Seriously, go watch anything he’s done and tell me he isn’t magnificent in it! And of course they cast William Atherton as the villain, because that’s what he played in every movie back then; Ghostbusters, Real Genius, and Die Hard, just to name a few.

I couldn’t really identify with Mitch’s character. I think growing up, we always fantasize about being a Chris Knight, not a Mitch Taylor. But it is nice to see him succeed, especially considering he worked so hard. Lazlo is where it’s at though. My man built a tunnel system in the college, without them knowing, and calculated the winning percentage of prizes from the Frito Lay contest. That dude is awesome! That was the first movie I remember seeing that promoted the idea that you could be cool and be smart. Revenge of the Nerds was good, but they were still nerds. So Real Genius helped teach that you didn’t have to sacrifice being smart to be cool.

Overall, this is a really good movie. As of this post, it’s on Netflix. So you won’t have to hunt too far to find it. Watch it, enjoy it, and then reminisce about it with your friends, or with strangers on the internet.

The Death of Superman – Way Better Than Doomsday

The Death of Superman

Remember the movie Doomsday? It told of the death of Superman. And it was not great. This movie is not Doomsday.

Just because I know you want to know. Yes, this movie is good. DC seems to understand how to make an animated film. Some of their live action movies are not great, but they are on it with their animated stuff.

This movie retells the 1993 story of the Death of Superman, but it updates the outfits for the current animated continuity. It’s a great story overall and I found myself a little misty eyed at the end, just like with the comic all those years ago.

Superman works in a lot of mediums as that awesome supporting character. One of the mainstays, in my opinion, that people understand about him is that he IS the cavalry. When you’re fighting something and you just can’t get the job done yourself, you call in the big guy. And that is exactly what is needed and exactly what happens. Superman a lot of muscle and even more heart. I feel like this movie captured that superbly.

Pick it up from Redbox, it is definitely worth the $2 rental fee.

And be on the lookout for Reign of the Supermen!

The Humanity Bureau – Worth a watch

The Humanity Bureau

I’ll get right to the point. Was the movie good? No. Was this movie worth watching? Yes. Please, let me try and explain.

We’ve all seen movies of this type before. Person entrusted to carry out orders against a certain individual, or individuals, ends up empathizing with them and helps them instead. What sets this apart from those others is Nicolas Cage. Any time I go into a movie with Cage I tell myself, if this movie is bad, don’t watch the movie. Watch Cage, and the other actors for that matter. Cage makes this movie actually watchable. Sarah Lind and Jakob Davies deliver surprising performances. The end is kind of terrible, but the lead up to it is not what I expected at all. Yes, there are better movies out there. But this is kind of a dirty diamond in the rough. It’s not flashy, it’s not even worth recommending to friends to watch it. But if you only watch the really good movies, then soon they are not good enough. I feel we need the bad ones to balance out, so that you can appreciate the good ones when they come around.

This movie is not the worst thing to touch your DVD player. So I say, give it a watch. It will fall a little on the left of middle of the road, but it’s not so bad. And Cage is pretty good in it too!