Samson (2018)

Samson (2018)

Was this movie worth seeing at the Theater? That is what I hope to tackle in this episode of Redeeming Bad Movies. I wanted to kind of switch up how I was doing these episodes, and one of the ways I want to try is to put out more episodes that aren’t as long and really tackle the burning question…Is this movie worth paying money to see?

Now, having asked that question, is Samson worth seeing at the Theater? The short answer is…wait for it…no. Womp womp. It is not a bad movie, but there are better movies to go watch ***cough*** Black Panther ***cough***.  Is this movie suited for a Redbox rent? Most definitely! Taylor James (poor man’s Taylor Lautner) is the title character and he’s not half bad. He’s certainly not great, but he’s not horrible either. I’m imagining in my head that you’ve only paid a little over a dollar to see this so for that amount of money this movie has value. Bottom line, watch it when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

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What is Happening to Zayn Malik in Dusk Till Dawn?

What is happening in Dusk Till Dawn by Zayn, featuring Sia?

Theory: Zayn Malik is being protected during the events of Dusk Till Dawn. Let’s examine the evidence.

Zayn leaves the hotel to deliver the briefcase to his lady.  He is being followed by not only bad guys, but the police as well.  We know that he and his lady made the switch because when the police grab him he doesn’t have the briefcase. Here’s our first piece of evidence.

How in the world is a detective that incompetent to not know they had the wrong person? How does he not check his tattoo before he brings him in for questioning? That’s the key, he’s not incompetent. If anything, Zayn is by believing this ruse. The detective goes through the motion of “checking” his tattoo. They allow him to leave and Zayn does exactly what they want him to do. He leads them to his hideout. Let’s not forget, he had baddies chasing him. This brings us to our second piece of evidence.

When Zayn arrives at his hideout he knows he’s being followed. He dials 911 on his phone and lights the overdramatic firecracker and belts out some of his best vocals on this song. But who arrives after the 911 call? Exactly, the detective that let him go. He is protecting Zayn, but more importantly he is protecting the light in the briefcase. Now, what is the light? I hate to get corny here, but I think it is the innocence of Love. The detective is protecting love, the love of Zayn and brown/blonde hair woman. They needed it to get out from under evil and back into innocence. That’s why they are allowed to keep the briefcase and not allow it to fall into the hands of the scarred man. He was literally scarred from love and aims to destroy it.

The protector is not going to let that happen. Love belongs to them. They are Yin and Yang, hence their tattoos. They will survive to love another day. The story is timeless and the song is beautiful. Give it another listen.

What do you think?

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Living in History – Space X Falcon Heavy Launch

It was awesome getting to see the launch yesterday. I had CNN and Fox News on and I noticed that they both cut to the launch. I know it was a historic moment, but it was awesome to see both of them take a break from bickering with whatever problems they are covering to just cover something historic. I remember having a feeling, at least for 30 or so minutes, that the world forgot about its problems and just watched in awe. Congratulations to the crew of Space X for them monumental achievement and I hope that this is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come!

If you want to know what’s going on in space with the Tesla Roadster that they put on the rocket, you can find a live feed here!